Exercise is Medicine The guiding principles of Exercise is Medicine® are shared by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Medical Association (AMA). They are designed to help improve the health and well-being of our nation through a regular physical activity prescription from doctors and other health care providers.

Ask Your Health Care Provider to Assess and Review Your Physical Activity Program at Every Visit

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Exercise Lowers Health Care Costs
Research shows that exercise has a role in the treatment and prevention of more than 40 chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, obesity and hypertension.

While there are numerous reasons for soaring health care costs, one undeniable explanation is the poor physical health of so many Americans. Exercise is something every person can do to control the rising cost of health care and improve their lives.

Start or renew your exercise program now as an investment in life-long health. Every person is responsible for his or her own physical activity regardless of age and health. There are so many more reasons to exercise than there are excuses not to. Start your exercise program today. It may be as simple as deciding to REGISTER for the RiverFront Run for your first 5K or 1-mile event.

Are you looking for information and recommendations for exercising safely with a variety of health conditions? Click here to download the full Your Prescription for Health flier series, or choose any of the available fliers.

Get the Plan: These basic guidelines provide you with a simple, fast and effective tool for using exercise as a ‘medicine’ to help prevent or manage many of the most common chronic health conditions. It will also help you approach your health care provider to discuss physical activity as a part of a disease prevention and management strategy.

Guidelines for Starting and Exercise Program

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Why Now? Why Not Now?
Everyone knows exercise is good, but it simply gets put off. It shouldn’t take a medical emergency or seeing your photo in a swim suit to get you started.

Run a 5K in Five Weeks

Have you been thinking about running a 5K? It's the perfect distance: 3.1 miles require relatively little buildup, the training doesn't take over your life, and the race is over fairly quickly. Whether you are a first-time 5K participant or an experienced runner, we’ve got the perfect race – and the perfect training plan for you.

Take a look at our 5-week training plan for beginners, intermediate or advanced runners.
Click Here to begin training.

If your physician has not cleared you for independent physical activity, you should exercise only under the supervision of a certified professional.


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